Charting Data

VisualStat provides a flexible suite of graphs to support a variety of analysis needs. Many customization options are available when you create a graph and many more are available after you create it.

VisualStat can display data as one of several basic chart types or sub-types. Sub-types are variations on a basic chart type, such as Bubble charts. More specialized chart types, such as Box-and-Whisker plot, can also be created.

Column Charts

Line Charts

Pie Charts

Area Charts

Bar Charts

Polar Charts

Radar Charts

Stock Charts

oBox -and - Whisker

oError Bar Charts

oHi Lo Charts

Scatter Charts

Bubble Charts

Doughnut Charts

Step Charts

Histogram Charts


All graphs are grouped in a gallery. The PopupGalleryTool is a gallery of items that includes both a preview and a drop-down. The preview sits conveniently on the Ribbon showing you, at-a-glance, what graph they have to chose from. If the graph you want is not in the preview, you simply need to click the drop-down arrow to show a larger selection of graphs. The drop-down is resizable to allow for maximum viewing efficiency. The graphs are divided into groups to provide better readability.


The PopupGalleryTool's preview on the ribbon:





The PopupGalleryTool's drop-down including filtering and groups: