Moving Variable

Data > Variable > Move


This dialog box allows you to move a variable from one location to another


Move selected variables
Specify the names of the columns on which you want to perform the function. The column names for the datasheet specified appear in the list.

Before variable
Specify the column names where you want to put the columns, one starting column name or <END> to put the columns at the end of the datasheet. The column names for the data set specified appear in the list.



Moving by Dragging


VisualStat can allow you to drag and move columns. Go to the property page, select DataBook from the combo box and set the AllowColumnMove property to allow the user to move columns.

For the user to move columns, they simply left click on the header of the column to move and drag the header back or forth over the header area and release the mouse over the header of the desired destination. The column that is being moved is shown in a transparent clone attached to the pointer, as shown in this figure, where the fourth column is being moved to the left.