Variabe Width

Data > Variable > More > Variable Width



You can set the column width as a specified number of pixels. Each sheet uses and lets you set a default size, making all columns in the sheet the same size. You can override that setting by setting the value for individual columns.


Example of Row Higher and Column Wider


You can change the column width by dragging the header lines between columns. The default value is 60.0F, which specifies the width of the column is 60 pixels. By default, spreadsheets that are bound to databases automatically determine the column width based on the data in the bound database fields. You can change how the width is determined or turn off this automatic sizing by setting the DataAutoSizeColumns property of DataSheet.


hs-note Notes

You can allow users to resize columns by setting the Resizable property of Column.

You can double-click column header to auto resize the column width