Copying and Pasting Data

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Copying and pasting is a quick way to exchange data between VisualStat and windows or between VisualStat and other applications.

Using the Copy and Paste commands, you can copy from and paste to the DataSheet from a variety of sources:

cells, rows, and columns in the same DataSheet

cells, rows, and columns in another DataSheet

documents in another application, such as a spreadsheet package or a word processor

text in the Reports folder

chart in a DataChart window


Other ways to copy data

The Home > Clipboard > Copy and Home > Clipboard > Paste commands copy DataSheet cells that are contiguous, that is, next to each other. But there are other methods for copying other types of data.

You can use the Data > Column > Copy and Data > Sheet > Copy command to copy:

Columns that are not contiguous.

Matrices into matrices or columns.

Vectors into vectors or columns.

DataSheets into DataSheets.