Data Labels

After creating a chart, you can change the data labels or their attributes, or add data labels.


Using Special Keywords

You can embed special keywords in the DataLabel Text or ToolTipText properties to access chart data such as the coordinates of a data point. The table below lists the keywords available:





Text property value of chart element.


X data coordinate.


Y data coordinate.


Y1 data coordinate.


Y2 data coordinate.


Y3 data coordinate.


Data series index.


Data point index.


The keywords are case-sensitive and should be placed in curly brackets. You may include a colon and a standard format string after the keyword. The Visible property must be set to True.

For example:


Tooltip = "X={#XVAL}, Y={#YVAL:F2}";

Tooltip = "Series = {#TEXT}; Point = {#XVAL} Value = {#YVAL}";






Using Label Collection Editor