Histogram Charts

Graph > Chart > Histogram



A histogram chart graphically displays a table of tabulated frequencies. A histogram chart is a graphical representation of a table that shows what proportion of results fall into each category. A histogram chart can also display a normal distribution curve for the data.



Dialog box items

Variable: Select one column of data.




You need one column of numeric data.




Exclude missing values: Check to excludes rows that have missing values.

Show ToolTip: Check to display messages in a ToolTip window.

Display normal curve: Check to add a normal curve to the histogram with the same mean and variance as your data.




Using the Consumer Price Index dataset we can explore the relationship between the prices of various products and commodities. These data represent the average prices of the following items for the months of January between 1981 and 2006.

1.Open the DataBook reg.vstz

2.Select the sheet ConsumerPriceIndex

3.Choose the tab Graph, and then the group Chart, which displays a collection of gallery of items

4.Select Histogram and then use tool-tip to select Histogram Chart with Fit.
All available command is displayed in the gallery of graphics

5.Select group Data.

6.In Variable, select Electricity.

7.Click Finish



Chart window output