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Calculates the probability densities, cumulative probabilities, and inverse cumulative probabilities for an F distribution.

The F distribution is a sampling distribution of two independent random variables with chi-square distributions, each divided by its degrees of freedom. It is most commonly used in test of variance. Use when random variables are greater than 0.



Dialog box items

Source Column:
Enter the column you want to evaluate.

Target Column:
Enter a storage column for the generated values. Leave blank to have VisualStat automatically name the target column.

Choose from the following options:

oProbability density: Choose to calculate the probability densities.

oCumulative probability: Choose to compute the cumulative probabilities.

oInverse cumulative probability: Choose to compute the inverse of the cumulative probabilities.

Distribution: Select the distribution for the variable.

Deg Freedom 1: Enter the degrees of freedom for the numerator.

Deg Freedom 2: Enter the degrees of freedom for the denominator.



Example of using the probability density function (pdf)




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