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The Project Manager contains folders that allow you to navigate, view, and manipulate various parts of your project. By right-clicking on either the folders or the folder contents, you can access a variety of menus that allow you to manage databook, charts, reports, and related project areas.


DataBook folder and subfolders

The DataBook folders and their subfolders (Sheets, Columns, Matrices, and Vectors) contain an automatically updated summary of the current databook: sheets, columns, matrices, and vectors. They are especially useful to help you keep track of variables if you have a large databook.

Matrices, and vectors are each displayed in their own separate subfolders within the DataBook folder.

Double-clicking on an element (sheet, matrix, vector, or column) makes that element active in VisualStat. Right-clicking on an element displays a contextual popup menu that allows you various commands.





Charts folder



You can use the Charts folder in the Project Manager to manage multiple Chart windows. By highlighting the chart from the list in the Charts folder and right-clicking with the mouse, you can:

Save, Close, or Print one or more charts

Rename individual chart



Reports folder

You can quickly create reports of your data and output in the Project Manager Reports folder. All VisualStat's command give results on a report window. You can:

create, arrange, or edit reports of project work

move Report contents to a more powerful word processing program for further editing and layout

You can fully edit all output in the Reports folder, and you also can add your own text (such as user comments and notes) and titles to the report.

You can save the contents of the Repors folder as an RTF(rich text format) file that you can import into other applications. From the Reports folder, you can edit and print the reports, or open and edit them in a word-processing program for enhanced formatting options.



Scripts folder

This folder list all script files in your project.



Misc folder

This folder list DataGrid windows and non-VisualStat files or Internet web page.