Normal Distribution

Transform > Random Data > Normal


Generates random data from a normal distribution.

Use when data follow a bell-shaped curve.



Dialog box items

Target Column:
Enter a storage column for the generated values. Leave blank to have VisualStat automatically name the target column.

Choose from the following options:

oSample Size: Enter the number of rows of random data you want to generate.

oDistribution: Select the distribution for the variable.

oSet Seed with: Lets you start a random number sequence with a seed you specify.

Enter the mean value you want to use as the center point for the normal distribution.

Standard deviation:
Enter the standard deviation you want to define the normal distribution.




Example of generating random normal data




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Web Resource: NIST e-Handbook of Statistical Methods, 2006 | Weisstein, Eric W., Wolfram MathWorld. | Probability and statistics EBook | Wikipedia