About the Ribbon

The Ribbon is a unique user interface that is so intuitive. It can take as little as two mouse clicks to perform any task associated with the Ribbon. The first click involves a Ribbon Tab. These tabs contain ribbon Groups, which in turn contain tools commands. Once you click the proper tab, you only need to click the tool that you want to use in any of the groups in the tab.

The Ribbon is different from a standard toolbar in that all toolbars and tools are readily available by clicking a tab. In order to meet this standard of readiness in a standard toolbar, you would need to have all toolbars with all tools viewable at the same time. This leads to a very cluttered user interface. The Ribbon cleans this disorganization by categorizing tools into groups, and groups into tabs.

Click a link below for a detailed explanation of the parts that make up the ribbon.

Ribbon Tabs

Ribbon Groups

VisualStat Menu

Quick Access Toolbar


Ribbon Tabs

A ribbon tab is always visible, allowing you to access to all commands.




Ribbon Groups

Each tab contains groups. Groups are used to keep similar tools together. A group's tools can be laid out either horizontally or vertically.

Each group has a caption area which contain a name describing the Group. Someone include a Dialog Box Launcher button, which is a small button at the right side of a group's caption. This button have its own ToolTip. The Dialog Box Launcher button opens a dialog box which have more advanced options than the tools in the group. If the group contains tools related to Font styles, then a dialog box with more advanced Font options is opened.



The VisualStat File Menu

In the upper-left corner of the Ribbon, you will find a round button. This button is the VisualStat menu.

Upon clicking the VisualStat menu, you will see a sort of dialog box that is divided into three sections. The left section is where you  find commands such as Open, Save, Save As, and Close. The right section contain the most recently used documents. The third section is at the bottom of the menu. This area contain the Options and Exit VisualStat buttons.




Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a toolbar that is always visible so you can quickly click on the more frequently used commands. By clicking the drop-down arrow on the right side of the QAT, you have the option to display the QAT below the Ribbon as well.