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A scatter chart is used either to show the relationship among the items in several distinct series of data, or to plot two sets of values as one series of x/y coordinates. A scatter chart draws attention to uneven intervals or clusters of data. This type of chart is often used to plot scientific data, and can highlight the deviation of collected data from predicted results.




Dialog box items

Axis X: Variable that determines the horizontal position of each point. This variable must be numeric.

Axis Y: Variable that determines the vertical position of each point. This variable must be numeric.




You need one pairs of columns of numeric data. If either the x- or y-value for an observation is missing, VisualStat does not plot the observation.




Data Labels:
Use to label each data point. After creating a chart, you can change the data labels or their attributes, or add data labels (see Editing Labels). Select one of the alternatives:

oNone: Choose to suppress data labels

oY-value Labels: Choose to label each point with its y-axis value.

o(X,Y)-value Labels: Choose to label each point with its x and y-axis values.

oRow Index: Choose to label each point with its datasheet row index.

oRow Headers: Choose to label points with row headers.

Data Options:

oExclude missing values: Check to excludes rows that have missing values.

oShow ToolTip: Check to display messages in a ToolTip window.




Using the Consumer Price Index dataset we can explore the relationship between the prices of various products and commodities. These data represent the average prices of the following items for the months of January between 1981 and 2006.

1.Open the DataBook reg.vstz

2.Select the sheet ConsumerPriceIndex

3.Choose the tab Graph, and then the group Chart, which displays a collection of gallery of items

4.Select Scatter and then use tool-tip to select X-Y Axis Scatter Chart Using Symbols.
All available command is displayed in the gallery of graphics

5.Select group Data.

6.In Axis X, select Electricity.

7.In Axis Y, select Fuel_Oil

8.Click Finish



Chart window output