Headers Tab

The Headers tab of the DataSheet Settings dialog provides the settings that correspond to the headers and correspond to the properties in the Case Header, Variable Header, Variable Footer and the SheetCorner class in property page. The corner tab can be used to set the row and column count for the corner area of the headers.




This includes the following items for the Column tab, though similar corresponding settings are available for the Row tab:


Sheet Settings

Description and Reference

Column Header Row Count

Set the number of rows in the column headers for the sheet.

Column Header Auto Text

Set whether the auto text in the column headers is blank, numbers, or letters.

Column Header Auto Index

Select which row the automatic text appears in. The default value of -1 sets the header in the row closest to the sheet.

Starting Column Number

Set which column to start the headers in.

Column Header Visible

Disable or enable column header being visible.