Split DataSheet

Data > Sheet > Split


Use Split datasheet to split, or unstack a datasheet into two or more new datasheets based on a "Splitting Variable". For instance, if you split your datasheet based on a splitting variable that contains the values "male" and "female", then Split datasheet will create two new datasheets, one for the male's, and one for the female's.

Generally, Split DataSheet is most useful when it will create only a few new datasheets. The maximum number of groups that can be split is 64.


Dialog box items

Choose the datasheet you want to split.

Splitting Variable:
Specify the column to use as the splitting variable. A new datasheet is created for each level of this variable.

Exclude missing values:
By default, Split DataSheet treat missing values as an additional distinct value. Check this box to ignore rows where the Splitting Variable contains a missing value.

Maximum number of groups:
Specify the number of new datasheets to be created when the splitting variable contains more than one level.




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